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Why buying a new build is better

If you’ve never owned a new build home, you might not be aware of the many advantages of buying one. New build homes are superior in so many aspects, from reliability to running costs.

We’d like to explain why buying new is a smarter option, and why buying new from Orion Homes is the smartest option of all.


Contemporary specification

Orion homes are built to the latest contemporary specification, with high-end kitchen appliances, worktops, security alarms and floor tiling plus much more as standard. Imagine having all that, brand-new and ready to use when you move in!


Lower bills

New build homes comply with the latest building regulations which means they are far more energy efficient than older properties.  The Home Builders Federation’s  Watt a Save report found that houses built from June 2023 onwards will see an average saving of over £2,600 per year on energy bills.

That energy efficiency also benefits the environment – the Home Builders Federation reported that buyers of new-build homes in 2023 reduced carbon emissions by 500,000 tonnes.

An Orion home includes modern roof and wall insulation, double glazed windows and doors, and Dual-Zone central heating from the latest energy-efficient boilers.


A blank canvas

The home is a place where we have complete freedom to express our tastes and individuality. A new build home represents a blank canvas for your creativity – you are, after all, the first person to live there!

With an older home, you’ll probably have to tear up carpets, strip wallpaper, repaint and perhaps even replace the kitchen and bathrooms. You could be looking at a lot of labour and high levels of cost. With a new home, you can stamp your identity from day one. Most of your key style choices are usually made before it’s built, so your new home can be tailor-made to your tastes by our skilled and expert professionals.

Orion Homes’ standard specification offers a huge variety of options, styles and combinations to apply to your blank canvas, from worktops and cupboards in the kitchen to tiling in the bathroom. If you want to add an extra personal flourish, we also offer our Finishing Touches range of upgrades (subject to build stage).


No chain above you

Being in a chain can be a very frustrating experience. If the vendors are waiting in a chain, that means you have to wait too. Worse still, their purchase could fall through and delay everything indefinitely. Buying a newly built home means you’re the first owner and won’t have a chain above you, removing one of the biggest obstacles to a smooth move. If you’re a first time buyer, you’re guaranteed to have no chain at all!


Peace of mind

Nobody likes uncertainty, least of all when buying a home – it’s the biggest purchasing decision most of us will ever make. With older properties, a certain degree of uncertainty is inevitable. Even the most exhaustive surveys can fail to detect some defects which turn out to be nasty surprises when you move in.

A new build home offers much more certainty – house-builders are required by law to meet industry standards and you are also covered by Consumer Code for Homebuilders, which is designed to make the home buying process fairer and more transparent for customers.


Extra peace of mind from Orion Homes

Orion Homes are covered by market-leading warranty standards from a 10 year NHBC warranty. The NHBC apply quality checks throughout the build process. On top of this, Orion Homes also provide our own two-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay for any unexpected or major repairs for at least for the next 10 years.

We’re also renowned for an exceptional after-sales service which ensures that any post-move issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. It all adds up to a stress-free, hassle-free experience for our customers.