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Why buy new?

It is well worth considering the benefits of buying a brand new home – especially if you are considering both new and second hand properties for your next move.

New means ‘brand new’
One of the best things about buying new is that everything is exactly that – brand new, fresh, clean and untouched. So you’ll be the first to set foot on the carpets, the first to wash your hands in the sinks and the first to sit on the loo!

It’s ‘your’ home
You are able to choose a home that is perfect for you, your family and your lifestyle – whether this is the number of bedrooms, the layout or the appearance. We have a range of property styles available across our developments, so you’re sure to find something just right.

Say goodbye to DIY
We all know people who have bought an old home and then discovered later that a lot of work was needed to make it right. Things like rewiring, a new boiler or a new kitchen are very expensive, not to mention messy and disruptive to your life.

With a new home, all of these things are done and looking pristine before you move in, meaning more time and less hassle for you.

Peace of mind
In the unlikely event that anything needs to be done after you have moved in, your home is covered by a ten year structural warranty from the NHBC.

Save money on your bills
New homes are better for the environment and for your pocket because they’re built to the very latest standards of energy efficiency. Thanks to things like wall and loft insulation, double glazing and cost-effective boiler systems; the cost of running a new home could save you an average of £890 a year compared to an equivalent older property. You can find out more here

Modern specification
All Orion homes are built to the highest specification – inside and out. We use modern building materials and techniques as well as high quality fixtures and fittings; meaning the specification is better than in an older, second hand home.

This contemporary specification gives your home a stylish look and also saves you money in running your home.

Finishing touches
Our homes include a superb level of specification as standard. However our customers often like to personalise certain aspects to make the home their own.

We provide you with a range of luxury extras to choose from, which have all been selected from the very best suppliers. These finishing touches are fitted and ready for you before you move in, so your home is perfect from day one.

Moving is easy
Our schemes like Help to Buy, Assisted Sale and Part Exchange make moving to a new home quick and easy. You often won’t have to worry about any chains and you can usually stay in your current home until your new one is ready.

You can find out more on our Helping you get moving page.