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Enjoy a warm welcome at Mayfield Gardens this winter! 

If you’re looking to move in 2018 and weighing up whether to choose an older property or a new build home, then one important factor could make you warm to the latter. During this mid-winter period, when temperatures are usually at their coldest, energy efficiency becomes one of your home’s most important features and on that particular score there is compelling evidence that new is far better than old. 

It certainly affects your comfort, but it also affects your running costs. The NHBC Foundation’s 2016 report titled ‘The advantages of new homes’ suggested that a new home built to the latest building regulations would cost half as much to heat as a Victorian house of the same size. It estimated that annual energy bills for a four bedroom new build detached property would be around £1,400 less expensive than a 19th century equivalent. There is certainly no guarantee that refurbishing an older property will raise its energy efficiency to new build standards. Even if it did, the initial cost required to achieve this is likely to be extremely high and unlikely to provide a return on the investment.

You can find some prime examples of new build energy efficiency at Orion Homes’ Mayfield Gardens in Wyke, where an impressive standard specification includes the latest contemporary boilers designed to provide optimum warmth whilst minimising heating bills. What’s more, the two remaining properties provide a three storey format which also improves thermal performance: spreading the square footage over three floors instead of two reduces the house footprint and therefore reduces the surface area of the roofing which is a vital consideration with regard to potential heat loss. 

If you’re a first-time buyer, you can also warm your pockets with savings of up to £1,300 at Mayfield Gardens as you are no longer required to pay stamp duty on any property valued up to £300,000. The stamp duty exemption announced in the recent Autumn Budget applies to the two remaining homes at Mayfield Gardens as both are three bedroom properties priced well below the threshold. The Norfolk on plot 6 is for sale at £184,995 and the Norfolk on plot 1 is for sale at £189,995. The Help to Buy scheme could reduce initial prices to just £147,996 for plot 6 and £151,996 for plot 1. 

If you fancy visiting Mayfield Gardens this week, Orion Homes are ready to provide warm welcome. Our Sales Information Centre is open on Saturday and Sunday, between 11am and 5pm, and can be contacted on 01274 940884.  You can arrange an appointment to view on Thursday, Friday or Monday by calling our head office (weekdays) weekdays on 01924 831030.

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